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Welcome to My Climb Against the Odds Page

Support my climb beyond the pink to prevent breast cancer!

 Has cancer touched your life in some way?  Have you, like me, been thinking of the growing risks of cancer affecting our everyday lives?  I suspect that the thought has crossed your mind at some time, especially when news and entertainment media is regularly reminding us of the harsh realities of cancer’s growing reach.

Cancer, in its various forms, has challenged several of my friends and family members.  In January 2014, my grandmother Ruby Parsons passed away as a result of cancer.  She was an incredibly strong woman, who lived a healthy and fulfilled life, leaving a legacy of rich family bonds and leadership in community service.  Now as I work diligently to raise a small family of my own, I am growing more and more conscious of all the risks life has to offer.  My professional connection to the Breast Cancer Fund has highlighted the significance of breast cancer in particular.  1 of every 8 women and 1 of every 1000 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.  These ratios demonstrate the overwhelming impact breast cancer has on our lives and especially show how breast cancer poses a very significant risk to all the wonderful women I know.  When I think of my lovely wife and adorable 1½yr old daughter facing these unsettling odds, I am unquestionably driven to take action.  Tying a pink ribbon on my car and supporting the effort to find a cure seems like the easiest and most obvious action.  Yet working to simply cure breast cancer will not change the odds.  A cure merely accepts the risks and requires those diagnosed to undergo the harsh medication and radiation treatments most likely to initiate remission.  I’ve come to learn of a more innovative and proactive option for taking action. The Breast Cancer Fund (BCF) provides us the opportunity to take immediate and preventative action against the potential causes of breast cancer, thereby improving the odds for all our loved ones.

To engage in the prevention effort, I've joined one of the BCF’s most inspiring teams. I have joined a team comprised of women and men from across the country who seek to stop this disease before it starts.  As a member of the 2014 Climb Against the Odds team, between now and June, I am training to climb the 14,179-foot high summit of Mt. Shasta in Northern California. I climb to honor the memory of my grandmother Ruby and my aunt MaryFaye who both passed on due to cancer.  I also climb to sing praise to the amazing strength of my cousin Lorilyn who a decade ago faced and conquered chemo and the surgical removal of a brain tumor in her early twenties.  I climb to honor my outstanding Uncle Michael and dear friend Ajay, who each recently overcame the difficult treatments to send cancer into remission.  I also climb for my beautiful wife and two wonderful children, dedicating my passion for prevention and commitment to overcome the mountainous challenge to the three of them.  I make it my personal mission to provide them a happy and healthy life, free from the risk of a cancer diagnosis. 

In parallel to the climb, I am fundraising in support of the Breast Cancer Fund's groundbreaking work to prevent breast cancer by eliminating our exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation linked to the disease.  The research, awareness campaign, and political advocacy effort championed by the BCF are all programs of innovation and heroic success. 

Will you join me and the BCF in their breakthrough effort to investigate exposures, educate the public, regulate the industries exposing us to cancer causing toxins, and thereby one day ELIMINATE the environmental factors linked to breast cancer?

Make a donation of $100 or more to dedicate a prayer flag in honor of your loved ones or a loved one who has been touched by cancer.  Who can I honor for you?

Thank you for your support!