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Hiking Mt. Tam for breast cancer PREVENTION!

I recently became president of Bay Area Young Survivors (BAYS). We are a group of women diagnosed with breast cancer under the age of 45, and our membership is limited to those who live in the San Francisco area. At last count, we have 271 members. In the past year, we have lost thirteen women. Thirteen funny, smart, athletic bakers and bankers, yoga teachers and young mothers. It is devastating to watch, and it is by no means over.

When I get angry about breast cancer, it is not because I have it—it’s because so many of us have it. And so little is being done to stop it. Billions are poured into research, very little into prevention. The Breast Cancer Fund is one organization fighting hard to prevent the disease from happening—by eliminating the environmental causes of the disease and campaigning to protect women’s health BEFORE it is compromised. I am committed to their work and I am raising funds for it by participating in this year’s Peak Hike, where hundreds of men and women will summit Mt. Tamalpais. I invite you to donate to this effort, or better yet, come join me and my BAYS team on the trail!


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