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Stopping IT before it starts: PREVENTION!

Dear friends and family,

Thank you for visiting!

While I have literally walked hundreds of miles and raised thousands of dollars for "the cure", I always thought there was a missing huge piece - what was being done about the fight for prevention of cancer?! My research upon my own diagnosis only reinforced this logic. I wanted to know how my immune system was compromised. I knew immediately that I wanted to do whatever I could to build up, stengthen, and restore my immune system - after all, it was built to fight disease! Why should I accept what works against it or further, destroys it? It's a daily education and discipline, and absolutely requires fortitude and perseverance, to strive for health in our bodies and homes with the environmental factors that work against us...from food, to pharmaceuticals, to pollutants, to beauty care and more that contradict what we strive to correct with treatments and a cure. I like to think of prevention as restoring proper placement of the horse before the cart. 

It grips me deeply to consider the number of friends and families, mine and others, who have suffered great and immeasurable losses to this disease. With billions of dollars raised to date for the cure, little has changed in what we see in conventional protocols and with surprisingly small impact to survival rates. The cancer death rate has improved about 5% since 1950 while the 5-year survival rate has only improved about 5% since 1970. A woman's lifetime risk of breast cancer alone is now 1 in 8.  These stats beg the question, why?  And let's not forget, breast cancer is not just a woman's disease - it afflicts men too. 

Will you join me in working to change these statistics? Not just for breast cancer, but all cancer. Both known and unknown causes must be stopped! Through the Breast Cancer Fund's Get Active Challenge, we have the opportunity to help stop breast cancer before it starts.

My goal? $2500. All donations made through my fundraising site go directly to the Breast Cancer Fund and support its work to identify and eliminate the environmental causes of this disease. Please take a moment to read about this wonderful group's efforts to date, as well as their goals and focus at  

I am currently in training for the culmination of my Get Active challenge with a 3-day, 60-mile walk/run/bike event from October 10-13. It's for our families and friends and men and women everywhere I will stay active to do my part in preventing and stopping this insidious disease. 

Would you please consider paying it forward by donating and supporting this goal?  Because TOGETHER we can do more!!

Step by step,