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Welcome to My Personal Page

Support my hike to prevent breast cancer!

On October 6th, I will be hiking for the 17th year as part of Lizzie's Legions, a team of hikers committed to Breast Cancer Fund's mission to identify - and advocate for elimination of - the environmental causes of breast cancer.  Our team members will hike either seven or 11.5 miles on Mt. Tamalpais just north of San Francisco - everyone has a choice!  I'll have some family members with me this year - both my daughters, my brother, and three grandchildren, two of whom are seven.  To keep up with our youngest team members, I'll be hiking seven miles!

You may ask yourself why I choose to support Breast Cancer Fund (BCF) year after year.  The answers are simple:

- each year I know more women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer

- the possible contribution my childhood growing up close to chemical manufacturing plants in Niagara Falls, NY made to my 1993 and 2003 breast cancer diagnoses

- my realization, after time spent earlier this month in Niagara Falls, home to multiple EPA Superfund Sites, that it can take more than half a century to clean up the toxic waste we have created

- my belief that the work of the Breast Cancer Fund has shaped, strengthened and given life to the movement for breast cancer prevention.

In February 2013 BCF President, Jeanne Rizzo, chair of a federal advisory committee created in 2008 when Congress passed the Breast Cancer and Environmental Research Act, released a report on behalf of the committee.  The report, entitled "Breast Cancer and the Environment: Prioritizing Prevention", concluded that preventing exposure to environmental risk factors is the most promising path to decrease the incidence of breast cancer.  This is more than a validation of BCF's work; it is a call to action.  Detection and treatment are important, but it is only prevention that will make the incidence of breast cancer diagnoses trend downward!

Please help me meet our team goal of raising $10,000 and my personal goal of raising $4,000 for breast cancer prevention.  Many levels of giving are available; choose whichever one works for you.  A donation of $500 will be a huge boost toward my goal, $250 says you are 100% behind me, $100 gives you the opportunity to dedicate a prayer flag, $50 or $25 may fit your pocket book perfectly and, of course, creating your own special category is always an option.  You will find me under Elizabeth Jones

If you choose to support my hike by check, please make your check payable to Breast Cancer Fund, write 'Liz Jones 2013 Peak Hike' on the memo line and mail your check to me at 6758 Charlene Court, San Jose, CA  95129.  If financial support isn't possible, I welcome your encouraging thoughts, words and prayers.

Thank you for supporting me and Lizzie's Legions!  I would love to "carry" your spirit with me on the trail as I put one hiking boot in front of the other.  My best to you - Liz




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