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Why Climb Mt. Shasta?


Stop it before it starts! We all know the grim & startling statistics; today, 1 in 8 women in the United States can expect to get breast cancer. We need to change those numbers. We need to change the formula, so that when our daughters and granddaughters grow up, their chances will be more like…slim to none. There are still dozens of chemicals in our air, water and food, in products used every day, linked to Breast Cancer.

I’m climbing Shasta to raise money for the Breast Cancer Fund – an organization (with a simple straightforward name) with a singular purpose: to reduce our exposure to harmful chemicals. For years, I’ve been trying to do it on my own: read the science, encourage lifestyle changes, work to get rid of toxins in our environment. Working with the Breast Cancer Fund is like coming home.


It’s going to be tough, but I’m climbing it! Mt. Shasta…it’s the volcano that towers over northern California, at over 14,000 feet.  I’ve been fit in days past but not so much lately. My family and friends have really responded to the challenge of Getting Ruth In Shape for Shasta. I’m having a blast running with Kevin, rowing with Andrew & training with Adam. I’m loving hikes with friends, and I’m a new & active member of the Appalachian Mountain Club.

My Milestone:

Five years ago, I finished surgery and chemo. Living cancer free for five years – I’m celebrating! With a group of other dedicated people, we'll make a three-day two-night attempt to summit Mt. Shasta.

Please Help!

Your contribution will go directly to Breast Cancer Fund's efforts to Go Beyond the Pink, past awareness and Before the Cure to work to prevent Breast Cancer before it starts.  Please also spend time on Breast Cancer Fund's website to raise awareness of the science behind prevention.  


Thank you!