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Please support my hike to prevent breast cancer!

Hello Friends and Family-
As most of you know, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2009.  And if you knew me at the time, you were just as shocked as I was that a organic eating, exercise addicted young woman with a nursing toddler could be diagnosed with breast cancer.  Happily, I've been in remission for four years now but breast cancer will always be a part of my life. 
For many people "fighting" breast cancer means being brave and strong in the face of the disfiguring and miserable treatments that are our only options.  What else can we do but submit to them and endure?  For me, that was not fighting, it was simply doing what was necessary.  My battle against breast cancer is different.  My target is not breast cancer itself, but rather the corporations and laws that are complicit in creating the toxic environment that makes the diagnosis of breast cancer a threat to women everywhere.
There are literally thousands of chemicals that we and our children come into contact with daily that are carcinogenic.  Many of these are banned in Europe, but are freely used in the US.  Phthalates, BPA and parabens are examples of culprits that many of us are familiar with, and all are endocrine disrupters which bind to estrogen receptors and fuel the growth of cancer.  All are ubiquitous in medications, food containers and cosmetics.  If you are educated and of means to look for alternatives you can avoid some exposure.  What about families that don't enjoy these advantages?  What about their children?
The Breast Cancer Fund is the only breast cancer non profit that is dedicated to finding the causes of breast cancer and leading the charge for policy change.  They do not pinkwash by selling fundraising lipsticks full of chemicals that at best, donate pennies to breast cancer research.  The Breast Cancer Fund brings the preventable causes of breast cancer to light and is working to get toxins out of our environment.
I will also be hiking in honor of my dear friend Emily who is facing a recurrence of her breast cancer.  Diagnosed a few years ago when her oldest child was only 3 months old, she underwent a bilateral mastectomy and later had her ovaries removed.  A few months ago she noticed a lump on her chest and received the crappy news that her cancer had come back.  She will be undergoing 12 rounds of chemo, more surgery and radiation.  She has two children, a husband, a rising career and tons of friends who love her.  I will be holding her hand in my mind on the trail.
Please help support my hike to benefit The Breast Cancer fund. 


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