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Welcome to Boo's Hike

Despite having a house full of adolscent hormones (my eldest daughter is 14 and her younger sister, 12), we are lucky.  We escaped early puberty (though some days it doesn't feel like that).  

Early puberty is just one example of how chemicals in our everyday environment -- from the food we eat, to the lotions we slather on our bodies, to the cleaning products we use in our homes -- are negatively impacting our health.   In the last 30 years, onset of puberty has fallen to just under 10 years for U.S. white girls and just under nine years for African American girls. 

You might be thinking, so what if girls start to develop a little early, that?s not so bad, is it?

Think again. Early puberty is a known risk factor for breast cancer. But that?s not all.  Early puberty has also been shown to raise the risk of a variety of other conditions including:  polycystic ovary syndrome; high risk adolescent behaviors such as smoking, drinking, drugs, crime and unprotected sex; eating disorders; depression and anxiety; and lower academic education. 

The Breast Cancer Fund fights to reduce and eliminate the chemicals that are contributing to early puberty.  And that's why, on October 6, I will be hiking up (and down) Mt Tamalpais to raise money for the Breast Cancer Fund. 

In honor of all the girls who became women too soon, I am hiking.  



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